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Hurray, I am starting my webdev learning journey, to document my security journey! It sounds like a lot of work...because it is. That is why this looks like shit right now!

Below are some of the things I am studying and my gameplan:

No concrete dates for any of these items yet, but I think it is safe to say that this will be an annual group of goals and I would be happy to rock any one out completely.

And then there is Philly's site: Philly

The daily grind


Populating alerts, input validation vulns, and video training, 20230205

Just discovered which is a fun cross-site scripting game developed by Google! I have been messing around with it this morning and also ran through a few lessons of Jason Dion for my pentest+. Getting some of the practice in this morning!

This week in having too many overlapping goals

THM OWASP TOP 10 Vulns 20230204

Busy week! I spent some time this morning completing another room in THM. It went over the OWASP Top 10. Taking a lot of notes and I need to review them. Tomorrow or later today I will spend some time reviewing my Jason Dion content. Today is just a pentest+ type of day. Will try to fit in some more structure tomorrow.

Tech Xombie - bringing the learning back to life

BurpSuite, 20230128

Ran through the tryhackme for Burpsuite Repeater - it is pretty rad. I was able to setup the FoxyProxy to intercept all traffic as needed and then sent to the repeater. I was able to modify the GET requests and send them to capture them flags. I need to do some PortSwigger training though. Following along with exercises is easy but not as helpful to sink it all in.

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